FrameWorks Programming Language - PDS - 2011 R1 - Reference

FrameWorks Plus Programmer's Reference


FrameWorks® Plus supports an Application Program Interface (API) that allows you to develop your own programs that run in conjunction with FrameWorks Plus. These programs, called FPL programs, can be used to automatically create parametric assemblies or structures; to modify or delete existing members; to create new members; and to place, modify, and delete loads and solid elements. The API uses the MicroStation Development Language (MDL) program to create programs that communicate with the FrameWorks Plus MDL program.

The FPL program can call functions in FrameWorks Plus to place members, modify members, extract information from the FrameWorks Plus database about selected members, retrieve Section Library data, and other modeling operations. Based on MDL, your FPL program can use tool box menus and dialog boxes, prompts, dynamic displays, and any other inherent MDL graphical and user-interface functions. This allows you to build onto or customize the FrameWorks Plus environment.

FPL functions cannot access the Selection Filter feature of FrameWorks Plus. All members in a selection set are processed regardless of the selection filter settings.


Because the FrameWorks Programming Language is based on MicroStation's MDL language, a good working knowledge of MDL programming is required.

What's Changed?

Version 8

  • New arguments were added to aecFPL_areaCutOut to accommodate linear member fireproofing and piping insulation.