aecFPL_placeArc - PDS - 2011 R1 - Reference

FrameWorks Plus Programmer's Reference


int aecFPL_placeArc(member, center, primary, secondary, rMatrix, start, sweep)
FPLplaceMember *member;
Dpoint3d *center;
double primary;
double secondary;
RotMatrix *rMatrix;
double start;
double sweep;


  • Inputs

  • member is the arc member record.

  • center is the center of the arc or NULL.

  • primary is the primary axis.

  • secondary is the secondary axis.

  • rMatrix is the rotational matrix or NULL.

  • start is the starting angle.

  • sweep is the sweep angle for the arc.


This function places an arc in the model using the parameters defined in the structure "member" and the other arguments listed above. The "center" parameter defines the center point for the arc. If center is NULL, the center is placed at [0,0,0] in the current coordinate system. The "primary" and "secondary" parameters are the sizes of the primary and secondary arc axes. FrameWorks Plus only supports equal primary and secondary axes. The "rMatrix" parameter is the arc's rotation matrix. If rMatrix is NULL, the identity matrix (no rotation) is used. The "start" and "sweep" parameters are the arc's starting and sweep angles in radians. The new arc member is displayed in all active model views. You cannot place an arc with an orientation vector tangent to the arc member at end 1. The structures for this function are described in ..\fwplus\fpl\inc\FPL.h.


This function returns SUCCESS (0) if successful. Otherwise, it returns a non-zero error number.

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