aecFPL_modifySolid - PDS - 2011 R1 - Reference

FrameWorks Plus Programmer's Reference


int aecFPL_modifySolid (solid, id, file)
FPLplaceSolid *solid;
long id;
int file;



  • solid is the new attributes for the solid member.

  • id is the member ID of the solid to modify.

  • file is the file attachment number of the model that contains the solid to modify. Zero is the master model.


This function modifies the solid member identified by solid member id number and file. FrameWorks Plus will modify all attributes from the solid member structure which differ from the existing member attributes. The file argument must be zero, as only solid members from the local model (master file) can be modified. It is included as an argument only for consistency with the query solid member function, and to ensure that a solid member from the local model is not inadvertently modified after a member is selected from an attached partition. The structures for this function are described in ..\fwplus\fpl\inc\FPL.h.


This function returns SUCCESS (0) if successful. Otherwise, it returns a non-zero error number.

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