Creating the Tutorial Graphics - PDS - 2011 R1 - Reference

FrameWorks Plus Programmer's Reference


When a tutorial cell is created, you must observe certain conventions to conform to MicroStation and terminal hardware requirements.

  • The tutorial should be created in a 2-D design file and stored in a 2-D cell library.

  • To conform to the aspect ratio and resolution of the screen, the tutorial cell must be digitized in an area that is exactly 640 Units of Resolution (UORs) wide and 496 UORs high.

  • Display information (data displayed when the tutorial is activated) can be created on any of the MicroStation levels 1-62. Display information can consist of any MicroStation element. However, when a tutorial cell is added to a cell library, any nested cells are automatically converted into orphan cells to speed up tutorial display.

  • In some applications, you may want to include text in a tutorial that conforms in size with the hardware-generated characters output by the graphics terminal for output fields. For example, SECTION SIZE__________ is a case where SECTION SIZE should be scaled to match the hardware characters that will be displayed in the __________ field. To best match the scale of the hardware- generated characters, the tutorial text should be created at a scale where the character height and width are 8 UORs.

  • Control information must reside on MicroStation level 63.