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  1. Click Place Support by Structure on the vertical toolbar.

  2. Select the Design box on the ribbon.

  3. Select the feature to support.

  4. Click Accept .

  5. Select the supporting structure to use.

  6. Click Accept .

  7. Click Finish.

  8. Click Place Part on the vertical toolbar.

  9. Select the support that you just placed.

  10. Select a support part from the catalog.

    When creating a designed support, the parts you can use are displayed in the catalog. These parts are intelligent and contain property information that enable you to generate reports for the entire support.

  11. Place the part in the model.

  12. Continue to use Place Part until you have finished designing the support.

  • While the part is on the end of your pointer, you can use Toggle Port or the T key to toggle the port attachment.

  • While the part is on the end of your pointer, you can rotate the part around a local axis at the active port. For more information, see Rotate a Part.

  • You can use Stretch to adjust the length of the part, if the part can be of variable length.