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Intergraph Smart 3D
12.1 (2019)

Specifies the properties for the stair that you are placing or editing.

Stair Properties

Activates the Stair Properties dialog box. You can use this dialog box to specify additional stair properties, such as material and material grade, which you cannot set on the ribbon. For more information, see Stair Properties Dialog Box.

Select Top Edge

Select the reference plane or edge that defines the top elevation of the stair. If this edge is deleted after the stair has been placed, the software puts the stair on the To Do List.

Select Bottom Plane

Select the reference plane that defines the bottom elevation of the stair. This plane must be lower than the top edge that you selected. The reference plane can be flat or sloped up to 45 degrees. If this plane is deleted after the stair has been placed, the software puts the stair on the To Do List.

Select Reference Edge

Select a plane or edge from which to place the stair along the top edge. This input is optional.

Select Position

Graphically define the location of the stair along the selected top edge.


Places the stair in the model.


Select the system to which the stair belongs. For more information, see Select System Dialog Box.


Select the type of stair to place.


Specify the name for the stair that you are placing.


Specifies the width of the stair treads. This dimension does not include the width of the stringers and therefore is less than the overall width of the stairs.


Specifies the angle of inclination between the selected bottom plane and the stair stringers.


Specifies the maximum allowable vertical distance between the stair treads. The actual distance is calculated by the software using the vertical distance between the top edge and the bottom plane and the stair angle. The actual distance is displayed in Actual Step Pitch.

Horizontal Offset

Specifies the distance between the outside edge of the stair and the selected reference edge or object.

Vertical Offset

Specifies the offset between the top of the stair stringer and the selected top edge.


Places the stair on the opposite side of the top edge.