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12.1 (2019)

Specifies the properties for the equipment foundation that you are placing or editing.


Activates the Equipment Foundation Properties Dialog. You can use this dialog to specify additional properties, such as material and material grade, which you cannot set on the ribbon.


Select By Equipment to place the equipment foundation by selecting an equipment or equipment foundation port. Select By Point to place the equipment foundation at a selected point in space.

 Select Equipment

Select the equipment for which to place a foundation. You can select more than one piece of equipment to place a single foundation under all the selected equipment.

 Select Support Surface

Select the surface to support the foundation, and thus the equipment.


Places the foundation.


Rejects the selected object.


Confirms that the selected object is the object that you want to use.

By Rule

Select to allow the software to select the equipment foundation to use based on the default foundation defined for the equipment part. The default foundation for the equipment appears in the Type box. The default foundation for the equipment part is defined in the equipment reference data. The foundation name specified in the equipment reference data must exactly match an equipment foundation part defined in the equipment foundation reference data.


Select the system in which to place the foundation.


Select the type of foundation to place. Select More... to select from all available equipment foundations in the catalog.


Type a name for the foundation.