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 Places a handrail that is associated with a member part's frame connections. Because the handrail is associated with the member part's frame connections, the handrail length automatically resizes if the member part length changes. You can also define clearances between the handrail-end and the member-end or a column located at the member end.

You can use this command to place a handrail on a single member or multiple members at a time. If you select multiple members, each handrail placed is independent of the others after placement.

If you split a member after placing a handrail on it, the handrail will still be associated to the original placement frame connections, one on either side of the split. If the two new member parts (created by the split) need their own handrails, you will need to delete the original handrail and then place the two new handrails, one on each new member part.

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