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The Place Designed Solid command is used to create highly customized designed solids for both complex concrete needs and equipment modeling.

Designed solids are essentially containers for a collection of shapes that you add to and subtract from the solid. To place a designed solid, a designed equipment or a designed equipment component must first be placed in the model. Then, the designed solid is placed as a child of the designed equipment or the designed equipment component. You can then add shapes underneath the designed solid. You can have multiple designed solids under one designed equipment or designed equipment component. You can also have multiple designed equipment components under one designed equipment.

A shape must be a child of a designed solid in order for the software to compute the weight and center-of-gravity. The designed solid's weight and center-of-gravity properties are the sum of all shapes underneath a designed solid. For example, Shape A + Shape B + Shape C = Total Surface Area, Volume, Weight and Center-of-Gravity of the designed solid. If there is more than one solid underneath a designed equipment parent, these solids are also summed up to give a Total Weight and Center-of-Gravity for the designed equipment. For example, Solid A + Solid B + Solid C = Total Weight and Center-of-Gravity of the designed equipment.

Only shapes with simple physical or detailed physical aspects are included in weight and center-of-gravity calculations for designed solids. In addition, if some child shapes are displayed using the simple physical aspect and other child shapes of the same designed solid are displayed using the detailed physical aspect, only those shapes displayed as detailed physical are included in the weight and center-of-gravity calculations. If all the child shapes of a designed solid are displayed using the simple physical aspect, then they are all included in weight and center-of-gravity calculations. We recommend that you do not mix simple physical and detailed physical aspects in the same designed solid, as doing so will cause incorrect weight and center-of-gravity values.

Each shape that you add to the designed solid can add material to the parent solid, remove material from the parent solid, or not affect the parent (suppressed). The shape icon shown in Workspace Explorer represents an Add , Subtract , or Suppress operation. By default, shapes are added to a solid; however, during placement or after placement, you can change the shape operation to Subtract Shape or Suppress Shape.