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  1. Click Select .

  2. On the horizontal ribbon, set the Locate Filter box to Shape, and then select a prismatic shape.

  3. On the ribbon, click Path .

    The software outlines the path in yellow.

  4. Select the turn to modify.

    When the pointer passes over an object that contains multiple elements, use the QuickPick feature to help you select the specific element.

  5. To change the plane for the segment, click a new plane in the Plane list.

  6. To delete the turn, click Delete Selected Items .

  7. To change the turn type, select a new type in the Turn Type list.

  8. To change the dimensions for the selected turn type, type a value in the Feature Value box.

  9. Click Finish Path.

    The new shape appears in dynamics when you click Finish Path. The new shape is actually created when you click Finish on the Place Prismatic Shape ribbon.

You can also move the segments of a path. For more information, see Move Segments of a Path.