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12.1 (2019)

 Places equipment foundations in the model. An equipment foundation makes the installation of equipment easier. The foundation is typically connected to the floor, deck, or wall, and the equipment is then bolted to the foundation. You can place the equipment foundation either before or after you place the equipment in the model.

When you place foundations from the catalog, many properties of the foundations are already defined in the reference data. However, the software calculates some of the properties, including the length of its legs, when you place the foundation in the model. For example, when you select a piece of equipment, the software matches the bolt hole patterns of the foundation and the foundation port and automatically orients and sizes the foundation and its legs accordingly.

When you place equipment in the model, you position it in space as required to serve the design needs. Each piece of equipment is expected to have at least one foundation port with two or more holes. The foundation port determines the placement of the foundation to appropriately support the equipment. The foundation is then designed, using the bolt hole pattern from the foundation port of the equipment, to support the equipment in the functionally required position.

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