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Connects existing built-up or standard members using a pre-defined set of rules and tolerances. You can either let the software locate supporting objects, or select them manually. Generally, when the software locates the supporting members, supporting members must be within 25 cm of the end of a supported member. If more than one supporting candidate is found, built-in selection rules decide which supporting member to use considering axis directions and relative position along. Member type and cross-section size is ignored. If you selected the supporting objects, the selection is simply based on the nearest one.

The software operates only on Frame Connections that are Unsupported and have no supporting object. Best results occur by using the Collinear module first, then the Point On module, and then End module for braces. Collinear requires the supporting member to be collinear with the supported one. In automatic mode, this module will search for collinear members successively. If they are within 10 degrees of vertical, locate only the top so that the upper ones use the lower as their supporting.

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