Support vessels with 45 degree oriented lugs - Intergraph Smart 3D - Help

Intergraph Smart 3D Structure

Intergraph Smart 3D
12.1 (2019)
  1. Click Place Vessel Supports Command on the vertical toolbar.

  2. Select the vessel around which to place the supports.
    Key in the Easting and Northing coordinates of the vessel's center.

  3. Set Lug Orientation to 45 Degrees.

  4. Key in the bolt circle diameter.

  5. Select a system, type, section, and cardinal point for the support members. This command only supports the placement of W, M, HP, S, C, MC, BUI, BUC, BUTee, BUIUE, and BUBoxFM sections.

  6. Select the four main support members in clockwise order.

  7. Click Finish.