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Intergraph Smart 3D
12.1 (2019)

Sets options for positioning the specific shape as part of a selected designed equipment object.


Opens the Shape Properties Dialog so you can edit the occurrence properties and reviews the static properties of an existing shape. Properties can be edited only after the object is placed in the model.

Relationship List

Shows the relationship currently applied to the shape and allows you to change or add new relationship as needed.

Positioning Relationship

Displays the available options for types of Positioning Relationships: Mate, Align, and Connect. Some options may not be available for all shape types.

Delete Relationship

Removes the selected relationship from the model. Using the Relationships List box, select a previously existing relationship for the shape, and click Delete Relationship. You can use this command only when modifying existing shapes. This control is available only after a shape has been added to the equipment or equipment component.

Shape Reference

Prompts you for the reference on the shape to be placed that will be affected by the positioning relationship. In all cases, the part that you select in this step moves to create the relationship, and the part chosen in the Second Part Reference step remains fixed.

Second Part Reference

Prompts you for the reference on the shape object already in the model that will be affected by the positioning relationship. After you select the reference, the software repositions the first shape chosen with respect to the second part selected in the definition of the relationship.


Defines the offset distance for a mate or align relationship. Offsets are disabled when establishing a connect relationship. You can adjust this value after initial equipment placement if needed. This control is only available after a shape has been added to the designed equipment.


Displays the shape name, as dictated by your predefined name rules, and accepts changes to that name.

If the name of the parent equipment changes, the software automatically updates the name of the shape to reflect that change. For example, if the name of the parent item changes from Pump01 to Pump100, the shape's name changes from Pump01-Shape-001 to Pump100-Shape-001.


Specifies the equipment or equipment component object with which to associate the selected shape.

Add Shape/Subtract Shape/Suppress Shape

Defines how the shape is used for a designed solid. This option is only available when you are placing or editing a shape in a parent designed solid.

Add Shape

Select to have the shape add its material to the parent designed solid.

Subtract Shape

Select to have the shape subtract its material from the parent designed solid.

Suppress Shape

Select to have the shape added to the parent designed solid in the hierarchy, but have the shape's material ignored--neither added to nor subtracted from the parent designed solid. Use this option to temporarily remove a shape's effect on the parent designed solid, but not remove the shape from the designed solid entirely. You can use suppressed shapes as construction graphics for the placement of other shapes in the designed solid.