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  1. Click Place Designed Equipment Component on the vertical toolbar.

  2. Select the equipment to which to add the component from the model or the Workspace Explorer.

    The Select Equipment Component Type dialog box appears.

  3. Select the equipment component to place, and click OK.

    The Design Equipment Component Properties dialog box appears.

  4. Set properties as needed for the new designed equipment component, and click OK.

    The software returns you to the graphic window so you can define the position of the equipment component.

  5. Using the Place Designed Equipment Component ribbon, do any of the following, if necessary:

    • Set an offset for the equipment relationship by typing the distance in the Offset box.

    • Click Properties on the ribbon, and type any necessary property information in the grid provided on the Equipment Component Properties dialog box.

      Edit equipment properties

      You can view the definition properties of the equipment object using the Properties command within the Select Equipment Component dialog box on the equipment component property page after you place the equipment component. The occurrence properties for an equipment component object can be defined or modified after the equipment component object has been placed in the model.

  6. If necessary, add or change a positioning relationship by selecting it from the Relationship dropdown list on the Place Equipment Component ribbon.

    Set positioning relationships for equipment