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  1. On the Place Prismatic Shape ribbon, select Sketch in the Cross-Section list.

  2. Click Cross-Section .

  3. Click the first point for the cross-section.

    • You must sketch the cross-section on the two-dimensional plane that is orthogonal to the first leg of the path. Click Show Cross Section to display a window in the two-dimensional plane. The software displays this plane, which is perpendicular to the path, as you sketch the cross-section.

    • The cardinal point, which is the point where the cross-section is attached to the path, is defined as you sketch. In other words, the cross-section surrounds the path and is attached to the path exactly as you sketch it.

    • To change the segment from a straight line to an arc, click Arc by 3 Points in the Path Type list, and then click three points to define the arc.

    • To switch back to a straight line after sketching an arc, click Line in the Path Type list.

  4. Click the next point for the cross-section.

    To change the turn type for the corner, click the new turn type in the Turn Type list and define the angle or dimensions for the turn in the Turn Type Value box. The following graphic shows examples of the available turn types:

  5. Click to place other segments of the cross-section as needed.

  6. Click the starting point of the cross-section to close it.

  7. Click Finish Path.

    The Finish Path button is not available until you close the cross-section by clicking the starting point.

After you place a segment of the cross-section by defining two points, you can click Edit on the ribbon to change the segment.