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Slab assembly connections are similar to member assembly connections, but define the trimming and edges of slabs. Slab assembly connections are placed automatically when the slab is created.

The slab assembly connections are:

  • The Slab by Member Boundary assembly connection is placed by the software when you select a member as a slab boundary.

  • The Slab Free Edge Assembly connection is placed by the software when you select a grid line as a slab boundary.

If a slab's bounding object (for example a member, a wall, or another slab) is deleted, then that deleted object is replaced as a boundary by the slab assembly connection which is generated from that deleted object. This behavior keeps the slab from going to the To Do List as missing a boundary.

In addition, if you copy, move, or mirror a wall (including Model Data Reuse operations) and an object which was connected to the wall is not in the copy set and the Delete optional option is selected, the software changes the wall assembly connection for the missing object to be a Wall Free Edge Assembly connection. This prevents the wall from going to the To Do List with a "Wall is missing a boundary Select a valid boundary" message. Be aware that copying or moving a wall with the Delete optional option selected can cause the geometry of the wall to extend or shorten.

This geometry change impacts the use of the Validate Model Data Reuse Results command because the geometry of the wall is different between the original wall and the new wall.

Locating Slab Assembly Connections

Assembly connections do not display in the model. However, if you set the Locate Filter to Slab Assembly Connections, you can locate and select assembly connections for review and editing. Assembly connections are located at the edges of slabs.

When you select an assembly connection, the software displays the assembly connection type in the ribbon. Select the Edit > Properties command to edit the assembly connection properties.