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The PLANNGAssemblyBase table is missing the BlobSize column.



Detailed Description

The implementation of Copy Similar functionality in V6 required the addition of several new tables in the Model and Catalog databases. The new tables are created in a V5 database during migration. The PLANNGAssemblyBase table does not have the new BlobSize field.

Possible Cause

Migration to V6 of a database created on an earlier version was not performed or was not successful.

Possible Impacts

The Copy Similar functionality will not work.

What You Should Do

  1. Run the Query Analyzer.

  2. Select the script that adds new columns to the PLANNGAssemblyBase table. The script location is: [Product Folder]\Planning\Server\Schema\Sql\VersionMigration\V5toV6\ UpdateAsmBaseTable.sql.

  3. Execute the script against the Model database.