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Space By Path Active Entity has no CrossSection.



Detailed Description

Space By Path Active Entity does not have a Cross Section. Cross Section is one of the inputs to the SpaceByPathAE to place a volume along a path. Cross Section will be one of two types: 1) a Visual Basic symbol with parameters controlled from the catalog, or 2) Sketch 3D, controlled using the Profile Sketch.

Possible Cause

Coding or data model errors in an earlier version.

Possible Impacts

Modification of the cross section attributes (like dimensions) is not possible.

What You Should Do

In the Workspace Explorer, the corresponding space object can be selected, and you can assign a new cross section type to the object on the modification ribbon.

  1. Open a session.

  2. Select the resultant space object. Selection can be done either in the Workspace Explorer or in a graphic view. Selection of the object opens the corresponding ribbon for modification.

  3. On the ribbon, in the Cross-Section box, select a new cross section to assign to the object.