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12.1 (2019)


System-derived part missing parent system - needs user attention.



Detailed Description

A part that is defined by its parent's geometry is missing its parent. It could be a plate or profile part that is missing its Parent Plate or Profile System.

Possible Cause

TR 73385 has highlighted how this situation can occur. A PlatePart can be left behind if its parent PlateSystem was deleted while the PlatePart has an approval status of Approved.

Possible Impacts

Parts that should not exist will appear in the Workspace Explorer tree view and in the user interface.

What You Should Do

To fix the problem, select the part and delete it.

  1. If the part is not in your workspace, define your workspace by permission group.

    The part should load in the graphic view and in the Workspace Explorer. It will probably appear at the same level as the project folder in the Workspace Explorer.

  2. After selecting the part, delete the part.

    If it will not delete, verify that the status is not Approved. If it has an Approved status, change it to Working.

  3. To verify the problem no longer exists, re-run the Check Database Integrity custom command.

  4. If the problem still exists, please contact Smart 3D Support.