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12.1 (2019)


Only one as-built object allowed in a model.



Detailed Description

One and only one WBSProject can be defined as As-Built in a model. Multiple projects cannot be defined as As-Built.

Possible Cause

Coding or data model propagation errors in an earlier version.

Possible Impacts

Only one WBSProject can be defined as As-Built in a model. If multiple projects are defined as As-Built, then it is an error condition.

What You Should Do

All the WBS projects that are defined as As-Built should be removed.

  1. Open a session with the defective database.

  2. Create a properties filter with the following parameters. For example, name it Filter1.

    • Under Object type used as the basis for the property identification, select WBSProjects.

    • In the Relationship box, select Direct property of object type.

    • In the Display properties in this category box, select Standard.

    • Select Project Purpose as the property.

    • Set the operator to =.

    • Set the value to As-Built.

    • Select the Match All radio button.

  3. Use the Select by Filter command with the newly created Filter1 to select all Projects that have an As_Built Purpose.

  4. Delete all of the projects.