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12.1 (2019)


Cable run not associated with cable occurrence.



Detailed Description

A cable run has been found in the Model database without an associated part in the Catalog.

Possible Cause

Most likely, the part was deleted from the Catalog database, or some error occurred while accessing the Catalog database during a commit operation.

Note that, unlike other routing applications, a cable run has one (and only one) catalog part associated to it.

Possible Impacts

The cable has no part information. It cannot report any part information either on the Properties dialog box or in MTO reports. Further, the software has no mechanism for reporting the weight and CG of the cable, so this information will not be included in weight and CG reports.

Consult your cable schedule to determine the part number that should be utilized with this cable. Verify that the part number exists in the Catalog being used by this Model database and, if it does, modify the cable such that it points to the given part number. If the part number does not exist in the Catalog database, it should be added to it.

What You Should Do

Below are the steps necessary to correct this problem.

  1. Start the software.

  2. Switch to the Catalog task.

  3. Determine if the required part exists under the Cable branch.

  4. If the part does not exist, it must be added to the Catalog database. Consult the Reference Data Guide documentation for further information on adding new parts to the Catalog.

  5. Switch to the Electrical task.

  6. Select the cable and, using the Properties dialog box, point to the correct part.

  7. Select OK on the Properties dialog box to save the change.