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Plate System cannot be used as a seam boundary.



Detailed Description

In V6, only Seams can be used as boundaries. So, this test finds seams that still have plates as a boundary.

Possible Cause

Prior to V6, the plate being split was added as a boundary to the seam in order to provide solutions to an ambiguous case. Any object posted because of this situation was probably created in a version of the software earlier than V6 and did not get properly converted.

Possible Impacts

The Seam will not be properly represented and may have difficulties being revised.

What You Should Do

  1. Ask your database administrator to back up the model.

  2. Attempt to edit the Seam and bound it by another seam. In the case of the seam being interrupted by an opening and only requiring the seam to exist on one side of the opening, either redefine the seam by projection or by table, or create another seam that falls within the opening that can be used as a boundary.

  3. Re-run the Check Database Integrity custom command and the DBIntegrity report.

  4. If the object is still posted, contact Smart 3D Support.