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Database integrity problems are data problems that can prevent modeling and can impact the accuracy of deliverables such as reports. These problems can be grouped into the following types:

  • Session files that cannot be read

  • Runtime objects and relations that are not in a workable state or are incorrect

  • Persisted objects and relations that are not in a workable state or are incorrect

A typical example of a database integrity issue is an object that exists without a mandatory relation to another object in the model. On the other hand, manufacturing issues are not considered database integrity problems.

This document contains a list of errors that are of the third type (persisted objects and relations). Some examples of this type of error are route parts without a relationship to a feature or run, or a system without a parent.

In this document, "database integrity" and "DB integrity" are used interchangeably.

These errors are not expected. However, in the event that they occur, you can correct them by taking the actions described.

  • We strongly recommend that you check the databases from time to time and promptly report any problems to Hexagon PPM. Please provide details about how to reproduce the problem.

  • If you receive a database integrity error that is not listed in this document, contact Hexagon PPM Support. Be prepared to provide a backup of the databases if requested.

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