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12.1 (2019)


Feature with zero outer diameter.



Detailed Description

For piping and conduit, the route software uses the outside diameter of the feature for display purposes. When the value is zero at display time, the software tries to get the same information from the run (the run gets it from the default stock part for the corresponding NPD, NPDUnitType, and so forth).

Possible Cause

The error could be due to a software bug. We have identified various cases where this error was reproducible, and those cases have been fixed.

Possible Impacts

The display might be wrong, as it might use the value obtained from the default stock part (especially if the feature is overridden with a different NPD).

What You Should Do

The following are some suggestions to eliminate this error:

  • Check to see if there is a catalog part available for the feature parameters (NPD, specification, and so forth). If the part is not in the catalog, add it to the catalog or choose the appropriate specification, NPD, and NPDUnitType for the feature.

  • Select the associated run and modify any attribute value to trigger a re-computation (such as temperature). This re-computation will get rid of this error. After this is done, reset the attribute to its previous state.