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Load associated to more than one load case.



Detailed Description

A one-to-one relationship exists between a load and a load case; therefore, a load cannot be associated to two or more load cases.

Possible Cause

During the editing of a load, a different load case was selected to be assigned to the load without the software removing the original load case association. This failure to remove the original relationship was undetected during the edit, and the operation was completed successfully.

Possible Impacts

It is unknown what impact this situation will have on the edit commands because the commands that operate on loads expect only one associated load case. The Export Analytical Model command would either fail or produce an incorrect output file.

What You Should Do

Use the Clean Database custom command to remove this load.

  1. Ask your database administrator to back up the model.

  2. Supply all information possible that may have led to this situation, and submit this information along with the backup to customer support. You can find support information on our web site at Hexagon PPM Support.

  3. Using the Clean Database custom command, remove this load.