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12.1 (2019)


Slab Without Supporting Object

(Codelist Number 96 in SPSCodelists.xls:: SPSDBIntegrityMessages)



Detailed Description

No object is supporting the slab. To continue working, the slab keeps a local copy of the support information; however, this means that the slab may no longer work as originally expected in operations such as Copy, Mirror, and Move.

Possible Cause

The object supporting the slab has been deleted.

Possible Impacts

The slab must be manually repaired because it does not have all the support information it needs to function correctly.

What You Should Do

  1. Edit the slab.

  2. Go to the Support step and select new support inputs. 

    These inputs will depend on what Plane Method was used to place the Slab (Coincident, Plane by # Points, and so forth).

If selecting a new support does not correct the problem, then the slab will have to be re-modeled.