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ProfileMoldedConvention missing relation with Plate port.



Detailed Description

A ProfileMoldedConvention object lost its relation with a MoldedConventionPlatePort object.

Possible Cause

Coding or data model propagation errors.

Possible Impacts


What You Should Do

First, delete the objects in error, and then re-create them.

  1. Run the Clean Database custom command (ProgID: SP3DCleanDatabaseCmd.CCheckObj).

  2. On the dialog box, select the objects for repair, and then click Clean Now. This operation deletes all of the ProfileMoldedConvention objects.

  3. Open the Excel workbook that contains both the MoldedFormSpec and MoldedConventions sheets.

  4. Create a new workbook that contains these two sheets only.

  5. Start the Bulkload utility.

  6. In the Excel files box, specify the newly created workbook.

  7. In the Excel codelist files box, specify the AllShipCodeLists.xls workbook.

  8. Under Bulkload mode, select Append to existing catalog.

  9. Specify the Catalog database and schema information on the dialog box.

  10. Click Load. Bulkload re-creates all of the ProfileMoldedConvention objects.