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Orphaned structure member part along port.



Detailed Description

Whenever an assembly connection is placed along a supporting member, a relationship is established to the supported member via an along port on the member. When this error occurs, the along port of a part exists without its parent member part existing.

Possible Cause

Deleting a member part failed to propagate the delete operation to the along port, or it could be a permission problem where the object connected to the along port propagated a non-working status permission to the port such that it could not be deleted.

Possible Impacts


What You Should Do

Run the delivered custom command to remove the offending port.

  1. Ask your database administrator to back up the model.

  2. Supply all information possible that might have led to this situation, and submit this information along with the backup to Hexagon PPM Support.

  3. Execute the Clean Database custom command to remove the port.