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12.1 (2019)


SmartPlant Error: Multiple view files with same name.



Detailed Description

This error indicates that there is retrieved information in which duplicate or conflicting information is stored.

Possible Cause

A typical cause of this error is a bug in an upstream application. More rarely, there is an unforeseen workflow that the software adapter is not prepared to handle.

Possible Impacts

The most likely impact is that two-dimensional drawings will be incorrectly displayed because multiple objects that represent items in the drawings overlap. Multiple drawings with the same name are persisted in the model.

There is no way to identify which view is correct, so both must be removed.

What You Should Do

A model integrity script should be run to identify which design basis objects have integrity problems. After these objects are identified, they should be deleted from the model.

The documents must be retrieved again, and correlation must be re-established manually.