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Intergraph Smart 3D
2019 (10.0)
  • Specify the flow direction for the pipe run. The software uses the flow direction to change the orientation of the pipe fittings to match with compatible pipe ends.

  • On the Pipe Run Settings dialog box > Defaults tab, select True for the Automatic Angle Lock On property to lock the routing angle.

  • Select By user - with split for Purchase Length Basis Option so that the software places splits as you route pipe runs with a standard purchase length. For more information on Purchase Length Basis Option, refer Piping Rules > Piping Specification Rules in Smart 3D Piping Reference Data Guide.

  • On the Pipe Run Settings dialog box > Defaults tab, select True for the Used Purchase Length property. The software locks the length of the pipe being routed to the length specified in the Straight Option. You can route a pipe within the range of minimum purchase length and the Straight Option. Minimum purchase lengths are defined in the catalog. For more information on minimum purchase length rule, refer to Minimum Purchase Length Rule for Purchase Length Pipe section in Smart 3D Piping Reference Data Guide.

  • To route a purchase length pipe or modify an existing purchase length pipe, you must re-specify a length from Straight Option so that the software generates pipe stocks of specified length.

  • Use Insert Component to place bends or fittings on the pipe run.

  • To route a pipe run with different purchase lengths, you must insert a split and then route a different purchase length pipe. Use Insert Split to insert the split.

  • Do not violate the minimum pipe length rule. If you follow the minimum pipe length rule you can avoid the To Do Records.