Configure the Oracle Client - Intergraph Smart 3D - Installation

Intergraph Smart 3D Installation

Intergraph Smart 3D
Installation & Upgrade
12.1 (2019)

Oracle client computers must be configured before they can connect to an Oracle database.

  1. Start Oracle Net Manager.

  2. Select the Service Naming node, and then click the green plus sign to start the Net Service Name Wizard.

  3. Specify a Service Name.

    The Service Name must be the same on the server and client. You will need to provide this net service name when creating databases, bulkloading and configuring Workshare.

  4. Select TCP/IP (Internet Protocol).

  5. Specify the Host name (typically the network name of the database server computer) and Port Number (default=1521) for your protocol settings.

  6. Specify the Service Name and Connection Type.

  7. Test the new service.

  8. If the default test fails, click Change Login, type a valid username/password combination and, retest the connection.

  9. When the login test is successful, click Finish to close the wizard.

  10. Click File > Save Network Configuration to save your new network service.

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