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2019 (10.0)

If you create or restore a database in Oracle, the software creates the user with a DEFAULT profile.

To verify the password, you can add the password verification function to the DEFAULT profile. The password verification function is delivered with the product. The password:

  • Must be different from the username

  • Cannot begin or end with a number

  • Must contain at least two embedded numbers

  • Must contain at least one uppercase and lowercase letter

  • Must be at least 8 characters and should not exceed 15 characters

  • Cannot use any of the following combinations - welcome, database, account, user, password, oracle, computer, and abcd.

Enable the Password Verification Function on the Server

The Oracle database administrator is responsible for modifying and enabling the password verification function.

  1. On the server, run the OraclePasswordVerification.sql application available at [Product Folder]\ProjectMgmt\Server\Schema\Oracle.

    The application creates a PASSWORDCHECK function under the [Oracle Service] > Functions node.

  2. Select a DEFAULT profile, and then run the following query:

    "Alter profile default limit PASSWORD_VERIFY_FUNCTION PASSWORDCHECK;"


    The default profile Limit is set to PASSWORDCHECK, indicating that the profile is ready with the password verification.