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2019 (10.0)

Configure Queues For Jobs is a utility in the Project Management task. The Smart 3D Project Administrator can configure different queues for different jobs. Then, the administrator can ensure that batch jobs are submitted to configured queues only. This prevents users from submitting jobs to inappropriate queues.

Tools > Configure Queues for Jobs displays the Configure Queue For Jobs dialog box where you can configure batch queues for Smart 3D jobs. You must have administrator privileges to access this tool.

For the site, you must have the following privileges:

  • In Oracle, you must have the SP3DProjectAdministrator role.

  • In SQL Server, you must be a system administrator on the server. If you are working in a multiple domain environment, you must run SQL Server with a network service account, and not with a domain account.

For a model, you must have full access or write permissions on the selected model database.

Time displayed in

Specifies the unit of measurement for Maximum Allowed Time. The available units of measurement are sec (seconds), min (minutes), hr (hours), and day. The default unit is hr.

Job Type

Displays the name of the job. The jobs listed are specific to the site or model.

Job Description

Displays a brief description of the job.

Default Queue

Displays the default queue for a specific job, which can be a batch queue or a pipe queue. When this dialog box displays for the first time, it shows the first queue in the list of available queues on the local server. You can type a new default queue into this box, or you can select any queue from the list of available queues on the local server.

  • Ensure that the default queue is configured for a job in Project Management, and that the configured queue exists on all client computers.

  • For pipe queues, you need to add the required destinations to the queue. For more information, see Creating and Configuring Pipe Queues in the Smart 3D Intergraph Batch Services User’s Guide.

Optional Queues

Displays the dialog boxConfigure Optional Queues Dialog Box.

Maximum Allowed Time

Specifies the maximum allowed time to process a job type in the queue. If the job is not completed in the allowed time, it terminates and the software sends a time-out notification to the mailing list specified at the time that you submitted the job. By default, the Maximum Allowed Time is not specified, and the job runs without any time limit. To specify a Maximum Allowed Time, you must first select Is TimeOut Supported.

When queue times are defined on the Configure Optional Queues dialog box, Maximum Allowed Time displays the total of those times.

  • Set a value for Maximum Allowed Time that allows enough time for each job to execute.

  • If a job is submitted on a pipe queue but is executed on a different queue, the Maximum Allowed Time for the job is read from the submitted pipe queue.

Is TimeOut Supported

Enables Maximum Allowed Time functionality. This option is not selected by default.

You can create custom batch jobs. For more information, see Creating and Scheduling Custom Batch Jobs in the Smart 3D Reference Data Guide.