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You can replicate objects under similar or symmetry families and update the replicas using customized shortcut keys.

Configure Copy Shortcuts

  1. Define the shortcut keys in the CopybyFamilyShortCutKeys.txt file. The file is located in the [Product Folder]\CopybyFamily\Data folder.

  2. Click Edit > Copy by Family.

  3. In the Select Copy Family dialog box, click Copy Shortcuts.

    The Copy Shortcuts Settings dialog box displays.

  4. Configure each shortcut key as follows:

    1. In the Family cell, specify Similar or Symmetry.

    2. In the Source Group cell, specify the family group to use as the copy source.

    3. In the Target Group cell, specify the family group to create or modify.

    4. In the Select Child cell, specify True to include child objects in the copy operation, or False to exclude them. The default value comes from the Copy by Family ribbon.

    5. In the Molded Form Only cell, specify True if the shortcut key is used only in the Molded Forms task, or False if it is used across tasks. The default value comes from the Copy by Family ribbon.

  5. In Log File Path, specify a log file for storing the copy shortcuts operation.

  6. Click OK.

Replicate Objects Using Shortcut Keys

  1. In the Workspace Explorer, select the objects under the family range to be replicated or to update their replicas.

  2. Press the assigned copy shortcut key to start the copy shortcuts operation.

    A dialog box displays showing the corresponding family name and stating that the copy or modify operation is in progress. When the operation is completed, the dialog box closes automatically.

  • If any error occurs during the copy shortcuts operation, a dialog box displays allowing you to display the log file.

  • If there are any unresolved entities on the target side, the browser automatically displays these entities so that you can resolve them manually.