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10.1 (2014 R1)


Opens the Advanced Plate System Properties dialog box to view and modify the properties of the advanced plate system. The software defines the default properties from the selected structural specification and the advanced plate system rules. For more information, see Advanced Plate System Properties Dialog Box.

Macro Definition

Specifies the advanced plate system macro to use. The macro that you select determines the inputs that the software requires. Select one of the following:

  • Advanced plate system macros on the selected tab of the Advanced Plate Palette dialog box. The current macro is the default value.

  • Recently selected macros.

  • Construction - Creates a custom advanced plate system by using a basic geometric construction macro. For more information, see Geometric Constructions.

  • APS Icon Browser - Displays the Advanced Plate Palette Dialog Box.

  • More - Displays a list of all available advanced plate system macros. For more information, see Select Macro Dialog Box.

1 - Specifies the member with which to establish the continuity.

2 - Specifies the plate to reach.

3 - Specifies the first bounding side plate.

4 - Specifies the second bounding side plate.

5 - Specifies the member to take as a reference for the Location parameter.

Color Coding

For a new advanced plate system, you can identify the status of input items by the background color of the step:

  • - No background color when no input is selected.

  • - Yellow background when an input is newly selected.

  • - Yellow background when you change a parameter from the default value.

  • - Blue background when you previously selected an input.

Selected inputs appear highlighted in pink in the Workspace Explorer and as pink dotted lines in the graphic view:


Clears the selection for the current step.


Accepts the selection for the current step.


Completes the advanced plate system definition, shows a preview of the system, and returns to the Advanced Plate System ribbon. For more information, see Advanced Plate System.

To change the advanced plate system definition, click Select Supports on the Advanced Plate System ribbon.

Extension - Specifies the distance to extend the trimming planes.

Location - Specifies the location of the continuity plate with respect to the selected reference member. Select Near, Far, or Centered.