Place a solid by sweeping between planar cross-sections - Intergraph Smart 3D - Help

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  1. Create the planar cross-section curves needed to define the solid. Optionally, create one or more path curves to control the sweep through the cross-section curves.

    Curves (Geometric Construction Palette Dialog Box)

  2. On the geometric construction ribbon, click More in the Geometric Construction box.

    The Select Geometric Construction dialog box displays.

  3. Select SolidBySweeping and click OK.

  4. Select one or more cross-section curves in order.

  5. Optionally, click , and select the path curves.

    A preview of the surface displays.

  6. Click Continue.

    Temporary geometry displays in the graphic view and as SolidBySweeping in the Geometric Construction Explorer.

  7. If needed, create additional geometric constructions.

  8. Click Close to return to the main command ribbon.

The geometric constructions are not created and saved to the model until you click Finish on the main command ribbon to create the model object.