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  1. Add an Audit Tool custom command for ProgID stAnalysisTool.AuditTool. For more information, see Custom Commands in the Common User's Guide.

  2. Click Tools > Custom Commands.

    The Custom Commands dialog box appears.

  3. Select Audit Tool in the Command name box and click Run.

    The Audit Report dialog box appears.

  4. Click Base Model.

    The Set Connection String dialog box appears.

  5. For Database, select the server and copied model database name created in Copy the model. This is a copy of the current model before the hull swap.

  6. For Metadata, select the server and catalog schema for the copied model database. This is the same catalog schema as the current model.

  7. Click OK.

  8. In the Audit Report dialog box, select Show objects in current workspace (under Report Option) and Highlight objects in both models (under Visualize).

  9. Define a comparison start data and time, and click Process.

    An audit report created in a .xls workbook opens after processing completes.

  10. Select one or more rows in the .xls workbook.

    Modified objects are selected in the graphic view.

  11. Audit reports are saved to the C:\\temp folder. Click Load on the Audit Report dialog box to open an existing audit report and view the results at any time.