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Use this workflow when a ship is far enough into the design cycle that changing the hull form causes recalculation of a large number of objects. This workflow uses settings on the Delay tab of the Imported Plate System Properties dialog box, allowing changed objects to be better managed to prevent model errors and excessive recalculation time. The following types of recalculations are delayed:

  • Hull splits

  • Update of hull structure, such as hull profiles

  • Update of internal structure dependent on the hull

  • This workflow is best performed by an administrator with full permissions to the model.

  • This workflow is best performed on a 64-bit Windows computer with at least 4 GB of RAM. For more information, see Intergraph Smart 3D Installation Guide.

  • If your model is very early in the design process, you may be able to use the basic hull swap procedure described in Swap hulls. If you are unsure of which procedure to use, follow the workflow below.

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