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Defines an Across Model family. An Across Model family is used to perform Copy Similar across ships.

To use this functionality when your target and source ship are on different servers, you must link the servers. For more information, see Linking Servers in the Intergraph Smart 3D Installation Guide.

Click Create New Across Model Family to open the dialog box.

Main Tab


Type a name for the across model family. This name must be unique among all family names. The name New Across Model Family is available by default.

Range Growth Value

Type a value for the range required when selecting the Copy candidates. The Range Growth Value is set to 0.80 m by default.


Select the method of the definition of the family. You can select either by Range or Standard. The Standard method is selected by default.

Ship Name

Displays the name of the target or source ship. The target ship name (name of the current/active ship) cannot be edited. You can select ships within a site, even if they belong to different servers.

Group Name

Specifies the name of the target/source group. By default, the name of target/source group is the same as the target/source ship name. The target/source group name can be edited.

Corresponding Elements 1

Type a frame name, or browse and select from the list in the Select Frame dialog box.

If the frame name you type is not valid or not available, it is highlighted in red. If you type a new corresponding element name, use the following format:

Coordinate System Name:Frame name. For example, CS_0:F0 where CS_0 is the Coordinate System name and F0 is the frame name.

Add Corresponding Element

Adds a row for you to enter/select corresponding elements.

Because there are only two corresponding elements allowed when the method definition is By Range, the Add corresponding Elements button is not available.

Delete Corresponding Element

Removes an element that you have added. This command is available only after you add corresponding elements.

When the method definition is By Range, the Delete corresponding Elements button is not available.

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