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  1. Click Reference Curve by Offset on the vertical toolbar.

  2. Select the plate system.

  3. Click Base Curve .

  4. Select a base curve that the software is to use to compute the offset curve.

  5. Click Offset .

  6. Type an offset value in the Offset box.

  7. Specify the offset method and count to use.

  8. Select, with a mouse click in a graphic view, on which side of the base curve to apply the offset.

    A red arrow appears as you move the mouse indicating the direction of the offset.

  9. Click Boundaries .

  10. Define the seam boundaries using one or more of the following methods:

    Pick boundaries
    Define a boundary curve

  11. Click Accept .

  12. If the boundary definition results in two solutions, pick the needed solution using the following procedure:

    Solve ambiguous solution created by selected boundaries

  13. Click Finish to place the seam.

  • If you do not select boundaries, the software uses the entire length of the base curve to apply to the resulting reference curves.

  • A reference curve is always attached to a plate system.