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Specifies the properties for the root or leaf tripping stiffener profile system that you are editing.


Accepts the values, and closes the dialog box.


Rejects the values, and closes the dialog box.


Accepts the values, but does not close the dialog box.

  • A leaf system always shares the same property values as its root system upon creation.

  • When a root and leaf system have properties with the same values, a change to a root system value changes the leaf system value.

  • When you change the value of a property of a leaf system, later changes to that property on the root system do not change the leaf system value.

  • When a root system is split, new leaf systems are created that inherit the property values of the root system, except for values on the original leaf system that are changed before the split.

  • Some leaf system properties cannot be changed at the leaf system level. They must be changed at the root system level.

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Tripping Stiffener Connection Data Tab (Tripping Stiffener Properties Dialog Box)

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