Copy objects in a similar family - Intergraph Smart 3D - Help

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Intergraph Smart 3D
  1. Click Edit > Copy by Family.

    The Select Copy Family dialog box displays.

  2. Select the family to work with under the Copy Similar Families hierarchy.

    For instructions on creating a new copy similar family, see Create a copy similar family using a single grid plane and Create a copy similar family using multiple grid planes.

  3. Click Synchronize.

    The Copy by Family ribbon displays.

  4. In the Source Filter box, select the filter that the copy uses to find structural objects. By default, Workspace Filter is used.

    The <Filter> + Workspace Filter option allows you to select a predefined filter from the Select Filter dialog box so that the operation is performed on only those objects satisfying both the predefined filter and the Workspace filter.

  5. In the Source Group box, select the group from which to copy objects. By default, this is the group indicated as the source group when you defined the family. For more information, see Similar Family Properties Dialog Box.

  6. In the Target Group box, select the group to which to copy objects from the Source Group. Optionally, select Multiple to copy to more than one target group.

  7. Click Find and correlate objects .

    The software highlights all existing structural objects that are similar and meet the criteria of both the Source Group and the Target Group.

  8. Click Create target group copy on the ribbon.

    The software highlights in yellow all the objects in the Source Group that are not in the Target Group.

  9. Optionally, select any highlighted objects in the graphics view that you do not want to copy to the Target Group.

    The color of the highlighted objects changes from yellow to cyan.

  10. Click Finish.

    The software copies the highlighted objects in the Source group to the Target group.