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DM1 and DM2 were created by splitting the original design member by DM3. DM1 and DM2 use cardinal point 2. DM3 uses cardinal point 8.

  • This configuration is modeled with DM1 and DM2 using cardinal point 2 and DM3 using cardinal point 8. There is not a frame connection between the crossing members before the split. The member axes must intersect for the software to create the split. If there is a gap between the two crossing systems, the software cannot create the logical connections. Structural Detailing requires a connection to detail this case. The lapped property on the structural framing connection is sufficient for this.

  • The orientation of the split is determined by the plane through the intersection point of the two member axes. This plane is normal to the split member axis.

  • Structural Detailing does not create a connection between DM1 and DM2.

  • If you place manual logical connections between the plate systems for DM1 and DM2, then assembly connections and physical connections are created as children of the manual logical connections.

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