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Displays the options that you use to modify an existing assembly connection between a built-up member part and intersecting face ports.


Activates the Assembly Connection Properties dialog box, which you use to view and modify the properties of the assembly connection. For more information, see Assembly Connection Properties Dialog Box (Members).

Supported Member

Displays the built-up member for which to create the assembly connection. The supported member cannot be modified.

Supporting (Bounding) Geometry

Select a bounding port that intersects the end of the supported member to bound. If necessary, select additional bounding ports to which to create assembly and physical connections. Only those bounding ports that intersect the selected bounded end of the supported member are available for you to select.


Places the assembly connection.


Clears the current selection.


Accepts the current selection. After you accept the supporting member and bounding geometry, the Properties button becomes active, and the Assembly Connection list is populated with the available connection types.

Assembly Connection

Select an assembly connection type from the list.

Rule Based

Enables or disables the Assembly Connection list. Selecting this check box disables the Assembly Connection list.