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The Object Summary Report has three worksheets.

  • Worksheets with object information. These worksheets are named in the following format - “Source group-Target group”.

  • Configuration worksheet

  • Defective Entities worksheet

The report has multiple worksheets for multiple targets.

Worksheet with Object Information

In the worksheet with object information, you can find the following information:


Displays the status of the object. If the object is copied, the status is OK. If the object is not copied, the status is Check.

When the status is Check, you need to check for any discrepancies in the source and the target. The entire row is highlighted in yellow. The parameters which fail to match are highlighted in red.

Object Type

Displays information on the type of object.

Source Object Name

Displays the name of the source object.


Indicates whether this object (Source or Target) is present in the To Do List.


Displays the count of logical connections.


Displays the count of assembly connections.


Displays the count of physical connections.


Displays the number of features available for the object.


Displays a detailed status on the object.


Specifies whether the object has been copied successfully.

Target Object Name

Displays the name of the target object.

Configuration Worksheet

The Configuration sheet provides you with the following information:

Generation Date

Displays the date when the report was generated.


Displays user identification information.

Selected Mode

Specifies the mode selected.

Compute Time

Displays the time taken (in seconds) for generating the report.

Number of Objects

Displays the number of objects selected.

Defective Entities Worksheet

If there is any information about defective entities, it displays on the Defective Entities sheet.

When a cell in any row is selected in the report, the corresponding source and target objects are highlighted in the graphic view.

You can also run the Object Summary Report on a Copy Across Model family.