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Intergraph Smart 3D
10.1 (2014 R1)

Specifies the rule criteria used for the member assembly connection. Assembly connection rule selections affect the selections available for other smart occurrence objects that are children of the assembly connection.

  • The software reevaluates the selection rules after any change occurs to the values, when you select a new object, or when you open a different property page.

  • You can resize the columns by sliding the divider in the heading row.


Displays the name of the rule class.


Displays questions asked by the rule.


Defines the results of the rules and the answers to questions asked by the rules. The default results and answers are determined by the rule class. Each row represents a result or answer that is cumulatively defined by the preceding rows. The Answer/Result box is not editable if Rule Based is selected.

Rule Based

Defines when a question is rule-driven. This option is selected by default for each question.

  • Select to always use the default rule-based answer or result. For an existing object, if a change in the model requires a recalculation of the rule, then the answer is changed to the new default.

  • Clear to manually select an answer or result. For an existing object, if a change in the model requires a recalculation of the rule, then the manually-selected answer is not changed to the new default. If the manually selected answer is not in the list of valid answers, then the new default is used.

    If multiple existing objects are selected and a row contains a mix of rule-based and non-rule-based answers/results, then the Answer/Result box is blank, and the Rule Based check is unavailable, as shown in the following example.

  1. Click the Rule Based box to clear and remove the rule-based value for all objects.

  2. Click the Rule Based box again to select and set all objects to rule based.

  • The available questions, answers, and results vary depending upon the detailed parts associated with the connection.

  • The questions in each Selection tab represent the default rules delivered with the software. Customized rules may have different questions.