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The following steps are recommended to ensure that the model is in the cleanest possible state before swapping the hull.

  1. In Project Management, click Database > Integrity to scan the model for records that may cause performance problems and can be removed, such as records of deleted objects. For more information, see Database Integrity in the Project Management User's Guide.

  2. In Project Management, click Database > Maintenance to clean the unneeded records from database. For more information, see Database Maintenance in the Project Management User's Guide.

  3. In SQL, run the following queries:

    • [Product Folder]\StructDetail\Server\Schema\SQL\DataIntegrityScripts\FixDanglingFlavorRlns.sql

    • [Product Folder]\StructDetail\Server\Schema\SQL\DataIntegrityScripts\CleanUnnecessaryFlavors.sql

  4. In the model, click Tools > Data Integrity Check. Perform the check, and fix listed items related to seam gaps and seams on the To Do List. For more information, see Check data integrity of plates in Data Integrity Check (Tools Menu).

  5. Optionally, export the seam data by clicking File > Export > Seams. This seam data can be imported onto the new swapped hull if problems occur during the swap. For more information, see Export Seams (File Menu).

  6. If delay is used on any existing model objects, Click Tools > Delay Settings and update all structure. The steps are similar to Remove delay and update To-Do List records for internal structure.

  7. Click View > To Do List. Fix as many listed records as possible.