Sketch a bracket - Intergraph Smart 3D - Help

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Intergraph Smart 3D
10.1 (2014 R1)

If you want to sketch the free edges of a bracket, perform the following steps:

  1. Click Bracket Plate System on the vertical toolbar.

  2. On the Bracket Plate System ribbon, click , and select the needed plane or support method.

  3. If Create by Rule is visible, then click the button.

    The button toggles to Select from the Catalog , and Rule Based is hidden.

  4. Select More in the Bracket box.

    The Catalog Objects dialog box appears.

  5. Select a bracket symbol that supports sketching, and click OK.

    Delivered symbols that support sketching have Sketched in their names.

  6. Click Select Bracket Supports , and select the needed bracket supports.

  7. Click Define Boundaries .

  8. Click Boundary Curve .

  9. Click Add Intersecting Item .

  10. Select the bracket supports and other objects in the model that intersect the bracket sketching plane. These extra objects appear in the Sketch 2D environment as reference geometry.

  11. Click Add Projection Item .

  12. Select objects in the model that do not intersect the sketching plane that you want to use when sketching the bracket. These extra objects are projected onto the sketching plane and appear in the Sketch 2D environment as reference geometry.

  13. Click Sketch 2D .

  14. In the Sketch 2D environment, sketch the bracket.

    You can constrain the bracket to geometric construction points referenced from profile cross-section key points or offset from plate systems. For more information, see Point at Offset from Keypoint Command and Point at Minimum Distance Command in the SmartSketch Drawing Editor Drawing Editor Help, available within the Sketch 2D environment.

  15. Click Finish in Sketch 2D.

  16. In the Parent System box, select a parent system for the bracket.

  17. If needed, click Properties to further refine attributes, defaults, selection results, or parameters for the bracket.

  18. Click Finish.