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  1. Click CurveByIntersection on the Geometric Construction Palette.

  2. Select a surface, such as a plate system or a reference plane. Typically this is a surface intersecting the surface selected for the main command.

  3. Select a surface intersected by the first surface. By default, this is the surface selected for the main command.

    A green preview curve is visible at the surface intersection. If one of the surfaces, such as a reference plane, is infinite, then the preview curve is infinite.

  4. Optionally, click , and select a coordinate system to orient the curve.

  5. To create all possible curves, select Keep all curves for Curve Option.

  6. To create one curve when multiple curves are possible:

    • Select Keep one curve for Curve Option.

    • Click , and select the needed value for Track Flag.

      If changing the value for Track Flag does not give the needed solution, you can first create a point that you then select after clicking . The point can be created with Insert > Control Point, Insert > Topological Points, or other geometric construction point interfaces:

      Control Point in the Common User's Guide

      Topological Points (Insert Menu)

      Points (Geometric Construction Palette Dialog Box)

  7. Click Continue.

    Temporary geometry displays in the graphic view and as CurveByIntersection in the Geometric Construction Explorer.

  8. If needed, create additional geometric constructions.

  9. Click Close to return to the main command ribbon.

The geometric constructions are not created and saved to the model until you click Finish on the main command ribbon to create the model object.